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If you have any questions
regarding the measurements of a Wouters & Hendrix jewel, please contact us here.

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La Danse Serpentine
Our World > Our Projects > La Danse Serpentine

La Danse Serpentine

La Danse Serpentine is the precious soundtrack to the world's liberation about-to-be and promises a joyous time to come.

La Danse Serpentine, the new collection by Wouters & Hendrix, marvels at a shimmer in the water. It mirrors. It curves. It’s not going anywhere in particular. It travels with time. You can spot it in the rain, in a moment or in a stemmed glass.

La Danse Serpentine celebrates the grace of sparkles in the air. They glisten in the moment. Weightlessly, only for an instant. And at the end of the flight, the serpentine drapes itself elegantly over the shoulders.

Admiring life’s twists and turns, Wouters & Hendrix seek the chic in the unexpected. Fantasy and trust play important roles. If there is one certainty that will never disappear, it’s the boundlessness of the human imagination.

A necklace embraces a person, following someone’s every move. La Danse Serpentine is agile by nature. She’s not desperately holding on. She likes serendipity. A garland that twists itself graciously in the folds of curiosity.

The way a river meanders under a cloudless, starry sky. The water catching the shimmers from the air. Green hues are born from the wet coolness.

In the distance, a string of lights is swaying in the wind. Even further down you can see the rose streaks of dawn. As if losing oneself in a glass paper weight with air bubbles and brilliant craquelures. One peridot adorning your finger catches the solace of a confetti piece.

La Danse Serpentine dances without any great purpose. She takes small steps and holds her integrity. She believes in elegance and doesn’t forget how a miracle can suddenly flare. It is Wouters & Hendrix's great pleasure to watch all life’s sparkles together with you.

Text by Ann Olaerts

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An important inspiration behind the 'La Danse Serpentine' collection was the 1892 film 'La Danse Serpentine' with Loïe Fuller, which made us dream away to an imaginary party, with glittering sparkles and serpentines whirling down at midnight. 

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